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Anime in the Limelight was one of the best known, longest running commercial Japanese Animation/SF Music sites in the USA, we started broadcasting Aug 18 1997. We want thank all the The Legendary Anime DJ *MAX*'s fans for enjoying  AitL and WE'RE BACK AS OF 1 JAN 08!! We welcome comments, ideas, suggestions, attaboys and improvements!  Your feedback counts!

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Please Dont Forget to bookmark us, e-mail a link to a friend, add a link to your home page or your clubs homepage, e-mail *MAX* your requests and dedications, ideas or comments, or check out our ad rates to put your business in the limelight!

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AitL is on Our Home site . and KORL broadcasts have been suspended TFN.

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Describe what Anime DJ Max looks like based on his voice and personality! Best entry wins a Kikaida DVD and Final Fantasy Figures from ArtFX Kotobukiya!!!

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Mahalo for listening!

The Legendary Anime DJ *MAX presents
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Aloha From Limelight Media!
Welcome to the Limelight Update!

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