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Advertising Rates & Media Kit
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Advertising with Anime in the Limelight

      Since 1997, Anime in the Limelight, a 60 minute Japanese Animation (or Anime) music program, has showcased 40 years of Japanese Animation music to THREE generations of domestic fans. 
AitL features uncut classic and current Anime music tracks by the original artists in Japanese language.

        From 60's Classics like Astroboy and Gigantor, to 80's hits such as Bubblegum Crisis and Star Blazers, to todays top shows like Cowboy Be-Bop and Yu Gi Oh, Anime in the Limelight gives YOUR product or service the unprecedented buying power of whole families! We have a high repeat listener rate and Anime (Japanimation ) music is poised as a new growth sector in alternative music.

Our mix of show tunes, background and moodtracks, Anime news and Japanese pop culture trivia WORKS and it can work for YOU! Come ride the Anime Tsunami, and AitL'll be the wax for your board! Surfs Up!!

        We air on KORL AM 690(oceanic Cable Digital Channel 882,(Temporarily suspended) Buffalo New York based Toon Radio ( ) and our own site at . More stations coming soon!

           Mahalo (thank you)

William "Doc" Grant VP Sales and Marketing      

Milton Streeter VP Broadcast Services

Limelight Media 3045 Ala Napuaa Pl #1705 Honolulu HI 96818  808-271-1402    When in Honolulu, please tune into our show on

Anime in the Limelight Advertising Rates (effective 9/02)


            Anime in the Limelight will be carried on KORL AM 690KHz between 6-7 PM HST Fridays immediately following K-Japan Japanese  programming. KORL BROADCASTS HAVE BEEN TEMPORARILY STOPPED  All spots sold in 30 second increments.


            Term contracts will run a total of 13, 26 or 52 episodes. Contracts are payable in advance to reserve airtime (invoiced monthly, due two weeks before airdate). Our invoice will include 4.167% state tax. Your ad is also heard on the World Wide Web by thousands of visitors to our Website, for AitLs encore presentations posted every week after the live broadcast on KORL AM 690. We will include a link to your website, through a link button on our site. If you do not have a link button ready, we can create one. Website contract runs same term as radio contract unless otherwise specified. 


            Month to month contracts are at standard rates unless otherwise specified. They are payable in advance under the same restrictions as Term contracts.


            Anime in the Limelight episodes consists of a first half, a short Anime themed news break (our Lets News! Segment) then a second half. We expect to expand the length of the show as we add advertisers, up to 120-180 minutes. Live Remotes for AitL are available on request (with 30 day advance notice), please contact us for rates.



            30 second spots placed in the show as space permits, with premium placement for news or special requests slightly higher (first or second half, etc. there is limited availability) Archive and Replay Episodes Sponsors get 2 30 sec ads (Front & Back) of the Replay or Archive Episode for the premium placement rate 

$40 each episode $50 each for news sponsorship

 AitL web ads included at no additional charge!


Set Sponsor (limited availability)

            30 second spots at the beginning and end of a set of 3-4 songs approximately 10-13 minutes long.

$90 each set/episode AitL web ads included at no additional charge!


Grand Sponsors (limited availability)

30 second spot at beginning,  before and after news and end of the show, includes same spots with AitL website show and link to your homepage above AitL homepage logo and inclusion on AitL promotional literature. Includes web ad creation/print ad creation (if needed), 25% discount on additional radio ads. $175/episode 1year contract required.


Please contact us for quotes on Animeco: the Anime Connection our new Online Anime Magazine.  Display and Banner ads are available.  Mahalo! (Thank you)



Syndication Rates for Anime in the Limelight

Standard Rates


$45.00 for each new half-hour Episode of Anime in the Limelight (AitL) per appearance, per Station unless otherwise negotiated.


$60.00 for each new hour Episode of Anime in the Limelight (AitL) per appearance, per Station unless otherwise negotiated.


Additional rebroadcasts after the first broadcast of an episode in the same calendar month, is $5.00 each regardless of program duration.  Additional rebroadcasts of older episodes 1 Month ore more old are negotiable.


Webcasts of the episodes are included unless the web feed is separate from the stations output, in which case standard rates apply unless otherwise negotiated.


Basic Terms


A 12 Month (one year) minimum contract is requested. Four weeks cancellation notice is requested, unless otherwise negotiated. Terms are Net 30, invoiced monthly, unless otherwise negotiated. Four weeks deposit requested.


Make Payments payable to Milton Streeter and remit to: Limelight Media Broadcast Services Division Attn: Milton Streeter VP, 1945 Ala Wai Blvd Suite B Honolulu Hi 96815 


We will ship Episodes on CD ROM at least 1 week before airdate, or have them available to download from an FTP site our website at your convenience.  At this time we are NOT capable of creating full-length programs in MP3 format. We can do so as WAV files only at this time. We can set up special feeds (up to DSL speeds if needed) to accommodate rapid downloads. We require that any web transmissions of AitL be in a streaming media format. . (Our ASCAP contract requires our web versions be in a uncopyable streaming media format to protect the copyrighted songs from piracy.)


We request that we air initially on either Morning Drive Fridays at 0700 local time or on Saturday evenings at 1830 local time (or per station needs, or as negotiated). We rebroadcast our KUMU AniMe 1500 episodes Sunday to Saturday on our website. We request advance schedules for air dates and webcasts, so we may help with promotions, and post them on our upcoming Limelighthouse page, as well as adding it to the scrolling Anime Event calendar well be unveiling soon. We will run the syndicated episodes as part of our sites offerings, 2 weeks after the last scheduled airdate, or add it as a special archive.


We will make Prize Packets and Apprentice Anime DJ prizes available for on and off air contests, and we will provide at no charge ads to run promoting AitL. (30 seconds max, WAV format, Station Call Letters requested to customize, downloadable or CD ROM at your choice.) 


We require that Advertisers for our Syndicated version of AitL have their ads carried, especially our Grand Sponsors. We will indicate on our Timesheet which of our placekeeper or humorous ads can be deleted for your Stations ad needs. We request our station ID be left intact but we can create a special one for use on broadcasts on a particular station that includes the stations call letters. If additional space needs to be allocated for station ads, please advise us.




            Limelight Media cannot be held liable for things beyond our direct control that prevent timely delivery of product. These circumstances include such things as, Internet system failures or sudden computer failure, major storms, unforeseeable major sudden or catastrophic illness of Max or the Producer, war or acts of God that otherwise disrupt or prevent normal operations. Limelight Media will take steps necessary to resume normal operations as quickly as possible, supplying archived or backup episodes in extremis (if able to). Scheduled down time for computer maintenance or upgrades will be announced 2 weeks before, and Limelight Media will take steps to avoid disruption of service. In the event of cancellation of this agreement, 4 weeks notice shall be given by either party. In the event of default, the Network or Station agrees to pay remaining balance owed on Episodes provided plus any applicable attorneys, arbitration or collection fees in enforcing the agreement.